5 Elegant Black Cursors for Windows

Are you bored with your default aero mouse cursors in your windows desktop? then check this 5 elegant black cursors…This elegant black cursors are a must have for a windows desktop user and I know you will surely like this collection, so choose one of your desire, or download them all.

(Note: To download the cursors just click the image)

Adwaita Cursors by CoDZoYeR

Download Adwaita Cursors

Extenza PRO Cursor Pack by eFOX-hun

Download Extenza Pro Cursor Pack


Moonshile v3 by VovanR

Download Moonshine v3 Cursor Pack


Obsidian Cursor Pack v1.0 by teft

Download Obsidian Cursor Pack


Eclair Cursors Pack by MagnumHearted


p align=”center”>Download Eclair Cursor Pack