Set Phone as Modem in Windows 7 using Bluetooth

If you’re using Windows 7 and have a Bluetooth dongle (or any usb bluetooth device) and don’t have a DSL/Broadband connection, this is for you ;)

Long time ago one of my friends asked me about how can he use his phone as modem in Windows 7 using Bluetooth as our recent posts is about phone as modem without PC Suite/OVI Suite using USB Cable (tested only in Windows XP)..
so, decided to make a tutorial for it and wanted to share it to all. I booted on my Windows 7 and try it using only a Bluetooth device without PC Suite/OVI Suite Installed…

Steps on How to use Phone as Modem in Windows 7 using Bluetooth..

  1. In your Phone go to Settings > Connection > Packet Data > Access Point, type in (note: is network provider dependent) in this tutorial, i am using GLOBE sim (Philippines), after that EXIT..
  2. Turn ON your Bluetooth in your mobile phone.
  3. Insert your Bluetooth device into your PC.
  4. in your Windows 7 right-click the bluetooth in system tray and click add device

Right-Click BT Tray

if you turned on your bluetooth device in your mobile phone your windows 7 will detect it. (i am using Nokia N79 in this tutorial)


now click NEXT button.

in next page windows 7 will pair your phone to PC, enter the number appears in your PC into your mobile phone (in your phone it asked a bluetooth device is connecting etc…)


after pairing your phone to your PC, click close…


now go back to your system tray and right-click the bluetooth icon and click Show Bluetooth Devices…

show_bt and then right-click the phone you’ve just added and choose Properties

devicesnoticed that yellow triangle icon besides it? well, we need to configure the services that your phone will be needing and remove the un-needed ones… choose only Dial-up networking (DUN) coz that we are only needing at this time :) COM8 will varies depending how you plugged your USB BT device..


Click OK.. Right-Click again your Phone and then choose Dial-Up Networking > Create a dial-up connection…

create_dial_up after clicking that, it will ask for what Modem device to use in your dial-up

choose the 1st one, if it don’t work, try the 2nd..choose_a_modem

now enter the dial-up number *99***1# is mostly used, and enter a name for your dial-up connection ( mine is N79 Dial-Up)… no need for username and password in GLOBE Network…


after entering the details, click Connect, it will dial the number in your phone and registering your connection to networks server, and after that it will test your connection…


you’re almost done :D just wait for a few seconds.


Now your done! Click close button to close the window, and Open your browser to start surfing the web, Enjoy!


(Note: Using a bluetooth connection in your phone can drain your battery fast)

Hope this little tutorial will help you. Thank you…

Feel free to post your questions/comments/suggestions in comments area below.