Download Windows 8 Aero Metro Theme

Before we shared you a Windows 8 Aero for Windows 7, now it’s another Windows 8 Aero Theme for Windows 7 Users, called Windows 8 Metro – modded by our friend jtc42 on dA.

This Windows 7 Theme (Visual Style) was inspired from the Windows 8 Developer Preview Aero Theme, ported to work in Windows 7 OS.

Windows 8 Metro Theme for Windows 7

Some parts are modified to make it metro style and minor adjustments to make it more clean and usable theme for everday use.

This theme supports x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) Windows 7 platform…
I’ve been using this theme for quite awhile now and I like it. Hope you will like it also and enjoy. (1190 downloads)