TTPod v3.70 English for S60v5 – Best Symbian Music Player

Symbian Best Music Player - TTPod for S60v5 TTPod 3.70 Final S60v5 EN by [email protected]

New version features {New and Improved}:
1. Decoded based on a new system architecture to improve performance and results, reduce the CPU occupancy and power consumption;
2. Increase environmental sound adjustment function;
3. Increase the balance of left and right channel adjustment function;
4. Optimize most of the pop-up box interface display;
5. The new image processing engine, better display;
6. Increase the image rotation display;
7. To increase picture lantern display;
8. Increase the image rotating display;
9. Increase the shortcut menu;
10. Optimal adjustment of left menu layout;
11. Increase the power-saving mode;
12. Increase in night mode;
13. Increase by album name, by adding time to sort random ranking;
14. Increase the font Stroke effect;
15. Increase the font shadow effects;
16. Increase the font size and color of the lyrics interface regulatory function;
17. Increase the image storage directory customization;
18. Support “start play” and “Memory out of position” set separately;
19. Custom list add “Favorites” list by default;
20. Bluetooth to send support for sending multiple files at the same time;
21. ID3 editor cache optimization methods to improve save rates;
22. Increase the power, the progress bar handle and follow the syntax of animation, and more skin.

***This pack included 2 options for Patch4run installation.


TTPod v3.70 Final S60v5 EN by [email protected]

(Many Thanks to Caominh171 for his English translation)

If you get an Error when opening TTPod you will have to download and install Patch 4 Run

Bonus TTPOD 25 Skins for S60v5!

Download 25 Skins for TTPOD 360×640 Screen Size

You might consider checking out TTPod v4.30 English Stable release and give us some feedbacks about it.