Download Apps, Games & Themes from OVI Store on Windows PC

Download Apps, Games & Themes from OVI Store to your Windows PC and send them to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB Cable.

We all know that downloading apps, games and themes at ovi store is not available if your using a PC. Instead you can download using OVI Store apps installed in your mobile phone and from there you can browse for more stuff and can be installed directly to your phone, which is very handy and hustle free.

But, the downside of it, is when you uninstall the apps or games, you cannot reinstall them in the future if you dont open again ovi store and connect via wi-fi or 3g/gprs, and what if you cannot access an internet through your mobile phone? so, you cannot install again your favorite apps, games or themes.

and also all the files you downloaded can be installed automatically from a freshly reformatted phone with the help of AutoInstaller which we cover on How To Install Many Apps, Themes & Games automatically and it is very handy if you use both techniques. (Download all the favorite apps, games and themes from ovi store and use AutoInstaller.)

Okay let’s get back to our main topic ;)
In this tutorial, we are going to download your favorite app, games or themes through your windows PC, so that it is available to you anytime you want to reinstall it without needing to connect your phone to the internet.

(Note: This is for educational and backup purposes of your favorite apps, games or themes only. There is no intent in hacking or whatever you call it on OVI Store services. OVI Store is Free to use and Free to download.)

What you will need in this process or tutorial?

Lets Get Started


Go to OVI Store and login using your own account, or create if you don’t have one yet.


Browse a categories of your choice or use the search box.
After finding what you want to download, click the thumbnail to view more info or right-click and copy link from your browsers menu command and paste it in your browsers URL bar.
in this tutorial we are going to download Kaspersky Mobile Security.


Look at the URL on your browser, see the screenshot above, it says;

Remove ?clickSource=homepage in the url and change it to /download
like this;

and try to open the url you have changed in your browser, and Whalla! you are downloading your favorite app ;)
save that to your desktop, easy huh?

If the downloaded file .SIS file format then you are all good, forward it to your phone & install.
If the downloaded file you have saved isĀ file format then this is where HEX Editor comes in.


Open your HEX Editor, and open the file you have downloaded from OVI Store in Hex Editor, it will look like this;

Highlight from the start of the string until the last dot (before the small letter z), just like the preview above and delete the string, it will ask you “This operation changes the file-size! blah-blah”, just click OK.

Now, save that file to your desktop as .SIS format

go to your desktop and rename the file from to .sis
Congratulations you are done…
Forward it to your mobile phone via bluetooth or usb cable and install it. Enjoy.

Having hard time understanding the HEX Editing part of the tutorial?

Try OVI DM Splitter by CodeRus (link below).
This PC app will automatically convert the downloaded from ovi store in your PC to .SIS format.

Just drag the file you have downloaded from OVI Store to OVI DM Splitter and it will convert your file and ready to be installed to any symbian mobile phone. (905 downloads)