Phone as Modem Without PC Suite/OVI Suite

I just want to share this to all that uses their phone as modem in their PC’s
this is what I used before when i didn’t have a DSL connection, and I used this method and i recommend this, because it is lite and never uses too much resources in your system not like PC Suite or OVI Suite..

Phone as Modem
Easy Steps in Configuring without PC Suite…
Download this 1st:

or download the latest Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver for Windows:
Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver_v7. (5208 downloads)
Install that in your PC
after installation, Restart your PC
and plug-in your Phone using USB Cable..
(USB cable is what i recommend coz its faster transfer rate than Bluetooth)
Your system will automatically detect it
and install the necessary drivers for your phone..

Open Control Panel-
Network Connections – New Connection Wizard – NEXT
Connect to the Internet – NEXT –
Setup my Connection Manually – NEXT –
Connect using a Dial-Up Modem – NEXT
name your connection, I name it “Phone as Modem“”
phone number enter this *99***1#
NEXT – Username “Blank”
password “Blank”
uncheck the two choices – NEXT – Finish..

In your Network Connections
you can see your new connection PHONE AS MODEM
(If you name it same as instructed)

In your Control Panel, Open Phone and Modem Options
Go to MODEMS Tab
now you can also see your “Nokia N70 USB Modem” “coz i am using N70 here as an example”
Select it and choose Properties
go to Advance tab, you’ll see

Extra initialization commands
enter the following:


enter that all include the special characters and quotes..

“i am using GLOBE sim in this tutorial,
if your using SMART then change to internet

Now – You’re done..

Open Start Menu – Connect to – Phone as Modem
it will dial your new connection..

Open your Browser and start browsing..

(Tested this using Windows XP SP3, USB Cable and N70ME Phone with GLOBE Sim)