Download Windows 8 Release Preview Mouse Cursors for Windows

For those who haven’t tried Windows 8 Release Preview yet, and would like to Install and use the Windows 8 Mouse Cursors that comes with it. You can download it below…

Windows 8 Mouse Cursors

Windows 8 mouse cursors that comes with release preview are a bit different from the Windows 7 Aero cursors, well, only small changes you can see on the preview above.

Changes of the Windows 8 RP Cursors from Windows 7 are the working in background, busy, and link cursor, a bit of metro style.

How To Install?

Extract the .zip file that you downloaded, inside the extracted file or folder, there is Windows 8 RP Cursors.INF, right-click that file and choose Install

Install Windows 8 Mouse Cursors
Now, go to your Mouse Properties > Pointers tab and select Windows 8 RP Cursors by yethz-art, click Ok and enjoy Windows 8 Cursors on your Windows PC.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 (624 downloads)